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HolidaySmart is the original online Holiday source with thousands of daily & monthly holidays and observances listed.

We are the originator and creator of some of the most popular and trending Daily & Monthly Holidays.

We are the experts at creating and promoting Holidays Worldwide. With our in-house marketing agency, we can take your holiday from concept to trend. 

Daily, weekly and monthly holidays are popular non-official holidays that celebrate an achievement, milestone, a birthday of something, particular event, promote awareness or action, or are just for fun.

These are made up days by organizations, businesses, groups and people just like you. Yes, you too can create your day and share it with the world. 

Note: We do not, nor can anyone non-official, officially declare or proclaim National or International Holidays or Observances for any official days. Only the government of each country can do that. We register and officially declare your holiday as a notable observance on our website and announce your proclamation and share it with our followers and the world.

Register Your Notable Holiday Observance with us and we will add it to our website as a notable Day, Week or Month, and promote it on our website and social sites. We also create a pdf certificate for you to print announcing your proclamation and promote it to social media sites to make it global. 

We receive a lot of submissions and only accept days that fit our criteria:

  • Organization bringing recognition or awareness to a cause
  • Businesses celebrating a milestone, founding date or other significant occurrence
  • Groups who submit a fun day that we deem appropriate for our listings
  • Influencers with a reputable suggestion

We are international and accept submissions and requests for your holiday or observance from anywhere in the world.

To submit your holiday for consideration, please complete this form. 

  • Your Holiday Proclamation

  • Enter the Day of the year for your holiday. (Ex: April 1st, 1st Sunday in April, day after Thanksgiving).
  • Multiple selections are permitted
  • Tell us where we can see more information about the holiday on your website or any official website you have created for the holiday.
  • Please describe the holiday, how it should be celebrated, why it should be celebrated, the history behind it, and why it's important, meaningful and worthy of the world celebrating it.
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