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Who We Are

Passionate. Persistent. Dedicated. The 3 words that describes Us. 

Meet Patti, Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at HolidaySmart

As a Single mom raising 4 children, I was always looking for creative and inexpensive ways to celebrate the holidays. My love of holidays and celebrations came from the joy that people have when getting together or having a reason to celebrate. I have always wanted to bring more positivity and love into the world and sharing holiday information was a great way to be part of that. As a web designer, I created when the internet was first getting started when my children were young. As a single mother of 4 with time constraints and a couple other businesses that kept food on the table, I was not able to devote as much time as I wanted and had to take a few years away from the site. Then when my oldest child, Cortney, had so many great ideas for the site, we re-imagined, re-designed and re-launched the site. 

While the look and the content of the site has changed quite a bit, the focus of bringing more love to the world through fun holidays, notable remembrances, worthy causes and by uniting cultures and bringing understanding through the holidays people celebrate, will always remain. 

Meet Cortney, Chief Innovator & Editor at HolidaySmart

As a photography and humanities graduate, an avid reader, writer, and researcher of cultures worldwide, I love to explore and share the history, traditions and cultures of people and places around the world.

I grew up sharing the love of Holidays and always was very curious and interested in the different ways people and cultures around the world celebrate. I love researching through books, online and mostly from the people in different cultures. 

My goal for HolidaySmart is to make it into a cultural experience where people can find and share information about how they celebrate the holidays. 

Uniting the World Through Holidays idea was born

Always having an interest in cultures and history, I traveled to Europe while in college and learned so much about people and their traditions. Experiencing different cultures brings awareness to how different, yet how alike we all are as humans. People from every corner of the world, from every culture throughout history, love to have a reason to celebrate, to get together, to remember, to honor and to observe important days and events. And every culture and belief has unique holidays and traditions in which they celebrate. By sharing in what different cultures celebrate, we can see the good, the fun, and the things that matter to people from other places around the globe and unite people through awareness, understanding and love. 

Explore. Discover. Celebrate.

The best way to bring people together and unite the world through holidays, is to explore, discover and then celebrate those holidays. The goal of HolidaySmart is to explore every corner of the globe and discover the holiday traditions and share the celebrations with the world. 

HolidaySmart Mission

The mission is to continue working to build a community where people can learn and appreciate all of the traditions of holidays in different places and cultures. And continue on our mission to share all of the fun, wacky, noteworthy, and daily holidays for a cause bringing unique ideas and tons of information and fun.

We have been working hard to get the basic content on the site and build the pages. Our next step is to build on the cultural experiences by reaching out to influencers, hotels, travel experts, bloggers, and small businesses and the people in each region of the world to learn from them and share their holiday celebrations and traditions from their native perspective. People are beautiful no matter where you are in the world. Let’s celebrate each other and show love and understanding for the differences and traditions that each culture brings to the world. 


Why this is so important to us

The Problems

#1 – There is not enough love and understanding of different people in different cultures around the world. We want to change that by Uniting the World through Holidays. What better way to learn about cultures, beliefs and people then through their observances and celebrations. By exploring the world and discovering the stories of the people who celebrate old and new traditions, we can open up an understanding that allows people to see the humanity in others and appreciate who they are and what makes each culture and every person in the world special.

#2 – The internet has brought countless websites that include information and calendar dates that are not verified or real. The information is copied from one site to the next without verification from an official source. 

Our Solutions

#1 – We want to spread love, joy, fun and peace through holidays and celebrations from cultures around the world and within our own communities. We believe that by sharing human interest stories, sharing the ways people celebrate holidays around the world, and sharing what makes them unique and special, will open up more understanding across cultures.

#2 – We believe that by going directly to the source of each holiday, to the country, the proclamations, the history books, and the people who celebrate in the various places around the world, our reporting will be accurate and verified. We want to bring out the real and true stories of the holidays.

We are a free site that provides holidays and calendar information, daily holidays, monthly holidays and articles from around the world, fun and interesting holiday information, and stories relating to holidays and observances. HolidaySmart is built on smart technology to allow for growth in searches and page layouts. We are still growing, but our brilliant team is continuing to work on the site for easy navigation and providing access to the holiday information our readers and information seekers are looking for.

Here are some of the features we are working on and where your contribution will be applied:

  • Completing the holiday calendar worldwide and connecting with people in every corner of the globe to share holiday stories and traditions. 
  • Integrating the holiday calendar and daily calendar with Google Cal and iCal so it is easy when you explore our site and find a holiday you want to remember, you can add it to your online calendars.
  • Expanded calendar filters to allow our users to sort the holidays on the calendar by topic or category, religion, country, united nations, observance type and daily fun stuff.
  • We love social media with our daily instagram post of the daily holiday each day. We will be expanding our social sites to include the cultural stories and videos from around the world.

We want to keep the platform free with very little advertising so that our visitors can enjoy the content without distractions. We will be integrating our sponsors into the pages of our site that allow them to be seemlessly part of the page where their branding is more natural and positively connects our visitors with them.

We have come a long way but we still have a long way to go. Please support us in our mission to create a Holiday site that unites people across cultures and builds a connection to understanding through celebrations.